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Self-flying vehicles make cities work better for everyone.


Hello, we’re Aeronyde

We build systems for autonomous vehicles to fly safely and securely in urban areas. Our work provides flexible infrastructure for aerial logistics, transportation, and data collection. 

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Tools to help people do safer, more accurate work

Autonomous flying vehicles help public and private groups reduce risk and increase efficiency. Our systems empower people to work with better preparedness, precise data, and adaptable logistics.

  • Emergency response
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical aid and relief
  • Logistics
  • Transportation

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Rigorous testing for safe, secure flight


Millions of pre-flight simulations under real-world conditions


Live flight testing and real-time data analysis

Machine Learning

Machine learning to build situational awareness


Helping new ideas take flight

We believe that autonomous aerial systems will earn a place in people's lives through open collaboration, thoughtful management, secure technology, and human-centered applications.

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